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Euroclear vs Euroclear Bank.

Euroclear is not a platform for settling bank guarantees. However Euroclear Bank took over Euroclear in 2001 and as Euroclear Bank is a bank it does issue bank guarantees.

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A number of questions to us from users have been in relation to Euroclear, and reference to some brokers suggesting that it is a platform for settling Bank Guarantees.

Euroclear is the world’s largest international settlement platform for bonds and securities and is one of the largest securities’ depository in the world.

It is not a platform for settling Bank Guarantees. The misunderstanding is most likely related to “ Euroclear Bank” which took it over in 2001. Euroclear Bank is an entirely separate entity from Euroclear.

Euroclear Bank is as any bank known for issuing Bank Guarantees but that is unconnected to the activities of the Euroclear securities depository.

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