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Bank guarantee calculator is a free tool designed to calculate the requirements for the monetisation of a demand bank guarantee.

Bank Guarantee Calculator

Use the bank guarantee calculator to calculate the value of demand bank guarantee required to monetise a specific line of credit value.

  1. Enter the value of the line of credit you would like to monetise from a demand bank guarantee.
  2. Enter the revevant loan to value %.
  3. Check result.

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Value of credit line required ( enter in 1000000.00 format with no commas) :
Loan to value % ( example 0.80 represents 80% ) :

The minimum required bank guarantee amount is :

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Calculation of a bank guarantee value

Demand bank guarantees can be monetised in order to raise a line of credit. All demand bank guarantees are subject to a loan to value percentage or LTV. This means that the value of the bank guarantee that can be monetised and therefore be used to raise a line of credit corresponds to the LTV %. As an example a 100,000000.00 euro (one hundred million) guarantee with an 80% LTV, can be monetised to a maximum of 80,000000.00 euro (eighty million).

If therefore you have a required line of credit value you wish to achieve by monetising a bank guarantee, you first need to know the required bank guarantee value that will need in relation to a specific LTV.

The demand bank guarantee calculator above allows you to input the required amount of money you wish to raise, and also input the LTV that the bank guarantee will be subject to. The resulting figure is the minimum value that any bank guarantee would need to make that line of credit possible.

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