Bonds and LTN’s

We are often asked questions about old (pre-1970) Bonds and LTNs (Long-Term Notes) and are asked to assess their authenticity. Unfortunately, is only an informative site. We do not undertake such business to authenticate instruments but are happy to give our advice on how to go about this.

Bonds and LTNs such as Brazilian Petrobras, Electrobras, Chinese Government Bonds, Railway Bonds and any other bonds that have been defunct or are aged (most of these issued over 50 years ago), very rarely have a real and significant value. Often, their values are only that of ‘collector’ value which is often around US$30.00 per bond.

As they are defunct bonds where the issuers (often Governments) have defaulted on the debt, they are almost impossible to enforce. Some Governments have u-turned and have agreed (subject to certain conditions) to honour the original face values, plus an agreed accumulative interest rate. However, this is not the case for the majority.

Although they may indeed be authentic, the real value of the bonds are questionable.