Mata Swiss Invest AG – Suspected Fraud

MATA SWISS INVEST AG (Zug, Switzerland)


We have received several reports about this company. It is operated from a “care of” postbox address in Zug, Switzerland at c/o MOUNTAIN Treuhand AG, Poststrasse 24, 6300 Zug.

We have discovered that there are no staff on those premises and it appears that their little administration is carried out in London and Africa. They also have a company in the United Kingdom operating from a basement flat. That company is called “Mata Swiss Invest AG Limited” and was only incorporated on the 5th September 2017. That address is Flat 1 /231, Lillie Road, London, United Kingdom, SW6 7LN.

We suspect that they have incorporated a company in the United Kingdom in order to open bank accounts in the UK to launder their stolen money from their unsuspecting victims. It would be hard for them to open bank accounts in Switzerland as none of their principals are Swiss resident and they be experiencing difficulties opening bank accounts in Switzerland.

Their website ( contains no telephone numbers which is a typical a sign of a dishonest company. However, when we run a credit check on Mr Said Bashiir NURR (A director of their UK company), we located another address in North England. That held a phone number (we are not allowed to publish that number). When our investigator called that number, the call was diverted to Africa and an African man answered the call. He was quizzed about the products offered by Mata Swiss Invest AG, but did not have any knowledge or experience on how these types of facilities worked.

In our opinion, if you choose to approach this company in making an application or hiring their services, we recommend that you approach with caution and request to see evidence of their performance.