“Lease” Bank Guarantee Provider Black List

We listen to our visitors. From reading many of our visitors comments and undertaking several hundred hours of due diligence, we are able to provide informative news about possible Fraud Warnings and Fake Providers.

We receive a number of regular complaints about a number of companies claiming to offer such Collateral Transfer and “Lease” Bank Guarantee facilities. From the feedback given to us by our visitors, has inspired us to undertake our own due diligence to investigate these complaints. To our surprise, there appears to be a number of fake provider companies claiming to offer these facilities but are completely incapable of doing so. We have also found that some of these fake providers have stolen and copied content from our own web site.

We feel it is important to display this information in the hope that these fake providers, scammers and fraudsters can be stamped out.

On each of the companies listed below, we have received no less than 25 complaints of non-performance. We have taken the decision to publish their names and our due diligence findings. Please take time to check before you approach them.


Mata Swiss Invest AG, Zug Switzerland and Mata Swiss Invest AG Limited (UK)

Hanson Group of Companies, Panama City, Panama

Zenith LLC (also known as ZenithCH), New York, NY, United States of America